Geylang : Couple’s deaths a murder-suicide

A women named, Mdm Ly, was found only in her panties at the foot of a block at Silverscape, a condominium in Geylang by two police officers who responded to the call.

She was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 1.55pm.


Her husband Cheung was seen inside Mdm Ly’s eighth-storey apartment, smoking and drinking.

He climbed out of the bedroom window to sit on the ledge.

Police negotiators tried to dissuade Cheung from jumping off the ledge, but he mostly ignored them and refused to make eye contact.

The couple had two young sons.

Singapore Civil Defence Force officers who were also at the scene decided to end the hours-long standoff and forced their way into the unit.

A safety net was deployed to catch Cheung in case he jumped, but he evaded the net by sweeping it aside with his arms as he launched himself off the ledge.

He was pronounced dead at 3.04pm at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Both husband and wife died of multiple injuries consistent with a fall from height.

Mdm Ly had bruises on her arm, suggesting she had been pinched or grabbed roughly. There was also an abrasion on her back inflicted by “a longitudinally-shaped object”, the pathologist stated, and a cable tie around her wrist, suggesting her wrists had been tied.

Cheung had assaulted his wife with a crowbar.


Cheung letting himself into the condominium by reaching his arm through the gate and pressing the “gate release” button from the CCTV footage from Apr 30.

He then picked up the crowbar before going to Mdm Ly’s unit.

He also claimed Mdm Ly had jumped out of the window to run away from him.

The coroner ruled the couple’s deaths a murder-suicide. Cheung had “unlawfully killed” Mdm Ly before committing suicide, the coroner said.

Mdm Ly’s death “calls attention to the need to take acts of stalking with the utmost seriousness, especially in the presence of acrimonious antecedent ‘bad blood’ between involved parties”, the coroner said.