Man Threw Knife And Statue From Praying Altar From Sixth Floor – Bukit Panjang

A 48-year-old man threw items down from the sixth storey of a Housing Board block in Bukit Panjang during a dispute with his wife on Monday (Sept 25) evening.

He was arrested.


This incident occurred at Block 274, Bangkit Road, around 5.30pm

According to information, the man threw items including a knife and a small statue from a praying altar

The police said they received a call for assistance at 5.34pm and arrested the 48-year-old man for the offence of rash act.

One of the item he had thrown, had struck the windscreen at one of the vehicle at the open-air carpark below. The car windscreen was shattered.

The vehicle belong to a 56-year-old hawker Zhang Guoliang, he had returned from a short trip to a minimart nearby to find the shattered windscreen.

Mr Zhang said a woman from the sixth floor came down and apologised to him but said she was unable to compensate him.

Neighbours said they have heard the couple quarrelling before.

Police investigations are ongoing.