VIDEO CAPTURED !!! So happening at Temasek Poly, got monkey jumping up and down (Extended version)

Comments by netizens:

Before anyone wants to make a judgement, please understand the backstory of this.


The person with the striped shirt has been making a ruckus for the first 3 days of lectures. Going in and out of lectures , shouting, calling lecturers old woman, bitch.(note that this was before this incident)

He kept looking down on freshmen that went in to poly by o levels, even though the o level students did not despise/offend him.

The third day(this incident), he comes to lecture late, calls everyone nerd, then the incident in the video happened.
Im not saying that who is wrong or right, but please understand the reason why people in the lecture were not defending the guy in striped shirt.

F.Y.I : no one in the lecture has ever scolded him just because of him being from ite( before this incident) it was because of his attitude and behaviourial issues.

These guys are the real troublemakers to the society since 1955. I can GAURANTEE you this WON’T be in the news. Why?? The government is trying to protect their own “species”.


There are so many fights covered up yet when it comes to people outside of the privileged category, they will clearly state the name and face clearly.

This makes them look bad while making the majority breed looks feel superior. “Yellow-washing” is real, just look at the advertisements and billboards.. That’s why we can’t have headscarfs in government sector, it’ll give the impression that this is their country.

They don’t want the success or prosperity of Singapore to be associated with the minorities.

That red shirt singlet guy still believe he doing well? Feeling proud for his action acting like a gangster. For looking down at ITE student.

And the rest of the lecture students. You guys don’t know his story. Why laugh over it? He must have been really disappointed or whatever. People handle the situation differently.

The people that that take the video. Saying he pussy? Then why don’t you just go up and face him than sitting there acting big while talking to your friends?

Teachers could have handle the situation better.

what on earth sia…. if you guys are mature enough you would calm him down…. why make him more angry… clearly he had issues or something that he is not satisfied with, why must toy with him?? wanna impress the girls ah?? Mature a bit lah…..


Here’s some context guys:
Monkey boii here has been late to lectures and been acting like a monkey almost every fucking time. The guy that strangled him told him if he dw study then don come at all and disturb their lecture. Then Monkey Boii went full psycho

This bumblebee boy or gangster is a total disgrace to all ITE students in Singapore. His behaviour is totally disgusting and unbelievable. He should not be allowed to study there anymore.

The main reason is for the safety of some of the students there who were involved with him during the argument in the room. If I am one of them, I would be very afraid of this mad boy.

He should be ban from studying in any Poly or private schools in Singapore as he is a dangerous person.

By looking at this clip, it shows that he is disturbed and a bit mentally unstable. I wonder why did the lecturer not detect that much earlier and do something about it.

The female lecturer should have done something if she cannot control this guy, she should have called the police for help. She should also have asked the guy who strangled the bumblebee boy to leave the room until the bumblebee boy cool down for safety reasons instead of letting him remain in the same lecture room with the bumblebee boy. No wonder bumblebee hit him at 2.48.

I really think TP should teach the lecturers what to do in a situation like this. If I am the female lecturer at the time, I would ask all students to go for a break and ask assistance from other lecturers and security personal for backup. This boy needs to have his brains scanned.