VIDEO CAPTURED !!! S’porean influencer who took products & money without promoting it explains her side of the story

Comments by netizens:

Excuses, excuses, excuses, you should of returned the products and MONEY you STOLE from that company. 80 percent of the crinimals are women. Most of the thieves who steal at stores, clothing shops, everything are women. Because they look innocent and or young and pretty. The victims of let down their guard, and these criminal women steal things from you. She cheated you. Go to the dating websites, many of the women wants to get free things from men. They want you to buy them products. And will try to get you to pay for it. It is best you report her to the police to get your products back. And teach this criminal not to steal from you again. You can see the ARROGANCE on her face. She says :” I don’t need to do NOTHING!” Such ARROGANCE!


Hard to find people like her with graciousness and integrity nowadays.
Good personality.

What’s the noodle 🍜 u eating??? It’s looks more tantalising than you.

You dont have sister or maid to ask them to transfer first? As someone involves in biz, ask them to send you sample first before accept payment or the products to be advertised. But this happens anywhere, there are crappy people.

Well if someone owe money and agree to pay at a certain date that someone should remember. If not and forget etc etc and MIA, then thats the price to pay if the creditor becomes nasty. Cannot complain lah.😉


U know wat i scare the most about HUMAN being……MISUNDERSTANDING……… hope anyone here watching the damage done badly to this Singapore babe… .her image stain by bad publicity done by so called company ………..if can back to past if she can delay the Australian trip settle this issue before going …might safe her image/ reputation………. at least she admit her mistake.

If u said this is a serious matter u want to clarify & explain….do not eat & talk at the same time. This is very rude. If u are responsible person then settle the other party asap despite how busy u r irregardless of the amount or if u r overseas get your close friends or family to return on your behalf. Just be more mature.


You should return the money, bottom line. No excuse!!

A honest blogger! Wow…thought they died out w the dinosaurs…

Aiya u forgot the payment twice eh. I’m sure the amount is not small. If its her also will angry mah. But wtf the person so childish.

when you have nothing bad planned, just ignore her already we know you are not a scammer!!!

Engrish…such bad quality !

I believe this is not the first incident with others Brand?



excuses lab….PLEASE LAH

is she ONE FC ring girl. they look all alike with their fake ‘laughIng’ eyes.

Why didn’t u use colourful words to scold her