VIDEO CAPTURED !!! Welcome to Geylang in Singapore – The Dark Area

SINGAPORE – Step into some parts of Geylang and you might think that you have just stepped into the set of a gangster movie. Many of its lorongs are a hotbed of vice and crime.

Comments By Netizens:

I went alone to stay at hotel 81 before.Then the lady receptionist ask whether i need her service,1hr $150.She said sure good service.That was in hotel 81 COSY and CHINATOWN.


Both in chinatown area.Geylang area H81 also same.Even the female manager also ask.They want earn extra.

Barbaric society that not only discriminates against the male gender but also LEGALIZES and sentences males to be TORTURED in the prisons.

Flogging with long sticks is the favorite past time of this third world island nation. So-called judges (including women judges who get off on this) sentence males to prison and order

Paid perverts and sick homosexuals to torture naked men as they are tied to whipping frames and beaten and maimed as they scream.


Prison guards standby watching the entire rituals. This sick perversion of this island and is as common as Bubble Tea. There are so many beautiful places in Asia to go and Singapore should be avoided as the international pariah that it is.

I was naive when I stayed at 88 Hotel (I might have got the hotel name wrong) in Geylang. Pretty neat hotel which was new then. My S’pore friends chuckle whenever I told them that I stayed in this hotel. Neverthless, I had a good night’s sleep.

mostly of them are indonesians maid,,rare filipino,,thier partners are indian,bangladesh,rare or disperate chinese..mmmm…

The government should legalise prostitution and have all these foreigners registered and placed under supervision and protection. In this case, these poor souls will not be exploited and STD can be put under controlled.

Singapore not only imports rain water, plants, sand and labourers amongst all basic commodities, it also imports prostitutes from China, the Faileakpees, Thailand and Vietnam.

This cameraman is a punk coward. He’s afraid to film their faces.


People should understand that even with a condom they could still get STDs. A condom is supposed to prevent pregnancies, not diseases or AIDs.

Best lady boys in the world except Thailand which is number one.

The lady boys are dancing right up there on stage with girls and you can not tell the difference.

You might get a surprise back at the hotel and of course by then its too late so you might as well go through with it.